Web Site Promotion With Directories & Links

You’ve done it! After all your hard work it is finished. Perhaps it’s your 1 st or even you 91 st; whatever the case it’s finally over. But, before you spend the rest of the day surfing through your new website with glee it is time to start focusing on promotion. Yes, that’s right, without proper Internet marketing your website is little more than a pretty screen on your monitor. In this article I would like to discuss some web site promotion tricks for the trade that I have developed over the years.Web Site Promotion And Article DirectoriesArticle directories are places where people store their own articles together with others who are also using this type of resource for promotion. Common sites for article directories include:




Not to forget the article directory where you might be reading this article right now.
Web site promotion through article directories can be tedious especially if you have to find all the directories yourself and then manually login to each one before submitting your newest articles. For me, I have found automating this chore with SEO Elite to be my choice of action. Automation is your friend when doing Internet Marketing.However, if you stop your web site promotion efforts with Article Directories you are really missing the boat in today’s world. Many more people prefer video’s, especially viral videos, to reading articles. Don’t believe me; check out the title “Bionic Burger” on YouTube.com to see that this is indeed the case. Again you can do this all manually or check out my favorite tool named Traffic Geyser for more information about how viral videos can propel your promotion efforts into abundant success.Web Site Promotion And Swapback LinksWhat in the world is a swapback link? In all honesty, it’s nothing. However swap links and back links both help greatly with website promotions. A swap link is when person A decides to link to person B as long as person B links back to person A. This concept had it’s day, though the search engines don’t appreciate it as much as they used to. However, I would not discard swap links altogether as they can still be a good way of driving traffic to your site if done correctly.Back links, are the boon these days especially when using a resource like LinkTator2. Web site promotion efforts excel when you can get a back link from a higher ranking website like Yahoo Answers. There are tricks to doing exactly that. Send me an E-mail for more information about how to get instant back links from Yahoo Answers.By the way, you also get a back link each time you submit articles or videos to directories, which is yet another good reason for making this part of your web site promotion activities.

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